A Brief Description Of Four Commonly Performed Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

By A.Noton

Cosmetic dentistry is also called aesthetic dentistry and, over the past decade, it has progressed rapidly. It is a way of improving a person’s teeth and greatly enhances a smile. In this article we will discuss four branches of this form of dentistry, namely veneers, tooth whitening, tooth shaping, and gum-lifts.

Today, most procedures are painless and relatively affordable, thanks to the latest technologies. It is, however, important that a person makes an informed decision before receiving cosmetic dentistry. He or she must be sure that the results will meet their expectations and that a qualified dentist is consulted.

Veneers are very popular. The technical terminology is porcelain laminate veneers. They are thin wafers made of porcelain which are placed on the surface of the teeth. Not only do they mask damage or flaws, but the overall appearance of the mouth is vastly enhanced. Veneers can improve self-confidence and improve a person’s smile.

Veneers also have a practical purpose. They can eliminate a crooked smile and close gaps without the necessity of bridges or braces. The first phase involves taking a mold of the patient’s mouth and then carefully removing a thin layer of enamel. Temporary veneers are then fitted for a few weeks until the dental laboratory has manufactured the final ones.

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Once again, technology has made the process of tooth-whitening painless and quick. Before a dentist does this, he or she will ensure that the gums are healthy and that all cavities are filled. Using a hydrogen peroxide based gel and a laser light with high intensity, stains on the teeth are oxidized. Within an hour, the teeth can be as much as six shades whiter.

Tooth-shaping is a procedure that involves the removal of 1 or 2 millimeters of the tooth enamel. The dentist is able to make long teeth shorter or hone pointed teeth. This helps create a smile that follows the natural contour of the lower lip.

Because enamel is free of nerves, tooth-shaping is painless. The procedure usually takes a maximum of half an hour. Some patients experience minor sensitivity for a while but this can be relieved with short-term use of a desensitizer or a strong fluoride solution. Even though enamel is removed, there is unlikely to be any damage to the teeth.

A gum-lift, or gingivectomy, involves the removal of portion of the gum to even out the gum-line and make the teeth look larger. The procedure is especially effective for people who have an excess amount of gum under the upper lip above the front teeth. This is what gives that embarrassing ‘gummy’ smile which can make someone feel very self-conscious.

Cosmetic dentistry can correct this problem. The dentist will numb the targeted area and remove the excess gum. After the procedure, the patient has to be careful to avoid infection, therefore he or she will be instructed to use a powerful antiseptic mouthwash until healing occurs. The surgery itself is pain-free but there is some discomfort for a couple of days afterwards. As long as the dentist is skilled and experienced, there is no damage to the gums.

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