A Simple Guide To Getting A Ripped Chest

By Terry Bytheway

However long ago it was that you began working out, you must have had a certain muscle or muscle group that you decided to develop the most attention and dedication to. For a lot of people it was the chest (as well as abs). We would overtrain and work out to the extreme to try and accomplish the best chest possible. Even though all muscles are important, for men, other men see you by your arms and women see you by your chest and abs.

Throughout the duration of this article, you will be informed on the basics of how to accquire the perfect chest that you always dreamed of having.

What puts together your whole work out routine for your chest should be the flat press. Flat presses will help you work out your whole chest and likely will help build the mass the best out of all other exercises. Dumbbells are better then barbells for working out the chest as they offer a better range of motion for your training as well as working out each side of your chest individually if wished. You should use barbells occassionally still though. As well, the incline and decline bench presses are great. The incline bench works the top part of your chest and the decline bench works the lower part of your chest. A lot of people have developed their lower part of their chest already so your main focus should be the incline bench press. A personal suggestion is to do decline instead of incline press once every two weeks (replace incline with decline).

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Another good way for you to get your chests bigger is to do dips. Dips will let you move the weight from one side or the other if you have to make your chest look more even. Dips also work your whole pectoral region as well as help your shoulders and triceps. Dips basically do the same for the upper body as squats do for the lower, in a nutshell. You have to be sure that you go down far enough that you feel the stretch in your chest to assure the full burn is occuring. The lowest point of your rep is where your chest gets its work out from.

As well, there is another exercise referred to as the flies. Flies help you stretch your chest muscles and make them look even wider. Because it is an isolation exercise, it is a great way to end your chest work out on any given training day or to get the chest worked out already for presses.

You should see a personal trainer and create the best work out possible for you to get the perfect chest that you always wanted.

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