About Dental Hygienist

About Dental Hygienist


Gail Noyes

If you are wondering what is it exactly that a dental hygienist takes care of and why is he different from a regular dentist then this article can shed some light on what they do and what education they receive and also what you should look for in a dental hygienist.

What does a Dental Hygienist do?

As I have said above a trained and licensed hygienist can be found in most dental offices and the services they offer include teeth cleaning, exams, other oral hygiene services and also educating the patient in the best ways to practice good oral hygiene. Some hygienists also put their advanced training to use by assisting the dentist when testing and diagnosing the patients.

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The amount of time that a hygienist takes to complete his training varies. The dental hygienist must be correctly trained and should have completed an accredited dental hygiene programme. The minimum requirement is to attend a two year dental hygiene programme; this also depends upon the programme offered by the universities in your state.

Why should you choose this as a profession?

One of the main reasons is that it is very much in demand all over the country and having a job security in a field that is stable is a desirable option for all. Another benefit of this profession is that this job offers a lot of flexibility and most dental hygienist get benefits like sick leave, paid vacation and even medical insurance.

Is this Profession Significant?

Yes, it definitely is all over the world people require the services of a dental hygienist. They offer specialised services to the patient that allows the dentist to concentrate on more pressing procedures. Dental hygienist not only assists the dentist but also educates the patient about good oral hygiene practices and even good nutritional practices. Together the dentist and the hygienist form a dedicated team that works toward the better oral health of their patients.

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Gail Noyes is a Dentist based in Adelaide working in the field for more than 20 years. He specialises in Cosmetic Dentistry.


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