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Submitted by: John JSmith is one of the leading CAD-based online service provider offering a wide range of services like –

1. CAD Design & Drawing

2. AutoCAD Drafting

3. Raster/Bitmap to Vector Conversions (2D to 3D & from .BMP/.JPEG/.PDF file-formats to .DWF/.DWG/.DXF)

4. Geographical Information System (GIS) Mapping &

5. 3D Architecture Design (modeling, animation, walk throughs, & rendering)

Our clients come from industries where our services are in high demand: real estate market, architecture, interior designing, civil/electrical/electronic engineering & manufacturing.

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The real highlights of CAD-based services are

1. Reduction in time & effort (as opposed to doing things manually)

2. Pre-production visualization (in 3D)

3. High precision results (in drafts & product designs) &

4. Great reduction in errors during production. provides high-quality CAD Drafting & Designing services. can digitize your electrical, plumbing, engineering, HVAC or architectural CAD designs/ drawings/files into desirable CAD formats (.DWF/.DWG/.DXF/.DGN, etc).

Itechlance offers complete CAD conversion services – CAD Drafting and Paper-to-CAD conversion services. Our digital file format conversion includes publication, circulation and archiving of DWG files to PDF, DWG to TIFF or JPG format.

Raster/Bitmap to Vector Conversions (aka R2V) are regularly used for industrial applications to convert files containing technical drawings, graphs, line diagrams, & maps in .BMP/.JPEG/.PDF file-formats to .DWF/.DWG/.DXF AutoCAD file formats. Usually architectural, engineering/electrical and house plans are used for R2V conversion. All you ve to do is to scan your images & apply R2V in AutoCAD, & you re done. The advantage of these vector images is that it can be easily scaled without losing image-quality which is very much possible in bitmap images (.BMP & .JPEG).

We also digitize GIS maps, for precise analysis of geospatial information. We combine data from databases & spreadsheets & along with satellite & other images we produce precise GIS maps. We use the latest application software packages such as AutoCAD Map 6.0, MapInfo, AutoCAD Map Series and ArcInfo & ArcCAD (ESRI) to produce accurate GIS maps.

Through GIS mapping a lot of info will be revealed about a particular location/demography that nobody was aware of. Our GIS software can be used as a major geospatial tool for studies like

1. Analysis of social demographic pattern

2. Voting patterns

3. Spatial display of environmental analysis

4. Analyzing pollution in a particular geographical region.

Apart from GIS, we specialize in 3D Design works like

1. Creating virtual houses (with interior design), cars, appliances or, for that matter, any solid object

2. Walk Through – using which you can see the inner design of a house or any structure

3. Applying lighting & texturing to the 3D objects so that the whole environment looks 100% realistic

Whether you re an Architect or a Product Designer or an Urban Planner, our high quality 3D rendering service (using AutoCAD or 3D Studio Max) will make your architectural/design dreams come alive even before laying the foundation or starting production. You can visualize things – & make corrections. This will save you enormous time, money & energy in the long run.

We offer all our services using the latest technology – & at affordable cost. We also deliver on time.

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