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Classic Favor Boxes


Janee Austin

Around the world within diversified and complex cultures, marriages are desired to be celebrated with extravagance by practicing all the traditional norms.

As quoted by martin Luther There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.”

This marriage-union involves presence of loved ones, colleagues, neighbors and friends of the couple. This gathering is a door-way of socially accepting both as couple and making their marriage a memorable event.

Hence, as a token for appreciation, the presence of people in the event must be acknowledged by presenting simple gifts and hand-outs.

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Traditionally wedding bombonieres (bomboniere boxes, wedding favor boxes) are considered vital part of any wedding. Nowadays wedding favors or bombonieres are readily available in many specialty outlets with wide range of selection to fulfill each and every couple’s need.

Wedding bombonieres in beautiful favor boxes can add extra value to the wedding reception. Favors boxes are sort of welcome treat for every recipient, a gesture on part of couple to convey appreciation in return for the blessings, affection and concern they have been showered right through.

Wedding bomboniere boxes can be prepared through paper or card-board material. Paper boxes are conveniently available in variety of colors, sizes, designs and styles to choose from. Boxes made of paper material are perfect for light-weight presents and for easy carrying. These wedding favor boxes could hold anything ranging from candies, cupcakes, cookies, almonds, mints and chocolates, to elegant personalized presents or even be filled in by selecting any item that complies with the theme of the event. Thus, all depends on the choice and creativity of couple.

These paper decorative boxes usually come in affordable prices, suitable for any budget. There are a lot of workable simple tips and guidelines available in wedding books or online if one prefers to make own wedding favor paper boxes.

There are huge collections of favor boxes offered in market that caters to every individual and customize demand; wedding favors boxes made of wood, paper boxes created by beads. These favor boxes are usually decorated and beautify by using materials like ribbons, small wedding charms, beads, or personalized marks, and even tags where name, wedding date and a personal message can be written.

The favor boxes can be choice after setting the theme or by designing the whole event around a favor box which will certainly make the wedding day a day to remember.

The wedding favor boxes can be of multipurpose consumption and enable guests to use the boxes to decorate their offices and home. There are numerous wedding designers that launch their creations in outlets, especially designed handiwork of wedding souvenir and wedding favor boxes. Their supply is usually in advance of demand and each creation offers further personalized adjustments in accordance with taste and demand.

No matter, the weddings are organized to be a simple get together or a highly planned celebration; there are few embellishments that are necessary with the preparations, and wedding favors boxes are one among them.

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Wedding Favors That Won’t Scare Your Budget

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Submitted by: Shirley Tan

With lots of expenses you are having in your wedding, definitely, your budget is becoming more stretched and thinner. And as much as you would want to have wedding favors at your wedding reception, you might probably don’t want to spend a lot of money for them.

For couples who are on a tight budget but still want to give out favors to their guests, there are actually many affordable choices of wedding favors to choose from. If you opt for affordable wedding souvenirs that won’t scare your budget, just continue to read on to find great ways that you can make them yourself and save some of your wedding budget.

Your first choice among affordable wedding keepsakes are bubbles. Bubble favors are not only economical, a great choice especially for those who have tight budget, but they can be easily decorated as well. You can find small containers of bubbles at many craft stores or party stores, with a great deal. They often come in plain white containers which can be easily decorated yourself. Enhance them using stickers, calligraphy on the sides, or ribbon tied around them. Or, you can wrap them up with white tulle and then tie them with ribbons that matches your wedding colors. Another great thing here is it will only take you a minute or two for each one you make.

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Your second affordable wedding souvenir option would be edible favors. Edible options can be chocolates, candies, mints, cookies, pies, cupcakes, jams and the likes. You have two options to come up with edible favors, first is you can buy them in stores or bakeries, and second you can make them with yourself. If you decide on tiny chocolates, candies, mints, and cookies, you may want use favor boxes to use as your containers. Also, you may buy or create your own boxes, just make sure of making them beautiful and appealing to your guests.

Another economical choice are place card holders. One great thing about place card holders is that they can have dual purposes. First, they serve as the guests’ guide as to where each of them should be seated, and another one is they can be doubled as wedding souvenirs. You can find fancy place card holders in markets, and you may consider those that can be made personalize where you’ll be able to add you and your partner’s name, wedding date, and even your ”thank you” message to all your guests.

You may include in your list other affordable wedding souvenirs such as tea and coffee favors, candle favors, soap favors, seed, plant and flower favors and other economical items that you think can make great wedding keepsakes for your guest. You can also buy a do-it-yourself kit for candles and soap favors. With enough time and manpower, you can definitely finish enough souvenirs that can help your guests commemorate your special day. However, if you are running out of time, you can always buy at your local wedding gift stores as well as online stores.

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