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Love Poems The Haiku Way

By Edward Weiss

Love poems have been written since men and women have been able to communicate with each other. Traditionally, it’s been the realm of the western poet. Not anymore.

Good love poems can and have been written by eastern poets as well. In fact, the eastern flair for staying in the present and looking at things as they are add a delightful nuance to the subject of love. Haiku offers the reader a moment captured in time in a few words. Where it takes most western poets 1000 words or more to do, the haiku poet can do, usually, in less than 15 words!

Haiku, the age-old poetic form of Japan can also be used to create love poems. For example, consider this haiku:

spring morning —

YouTube Preview Image

a strand of her hair

between the kiss

In just a few short words, a picture is created. This is the beauty of haiku. It gives you a snapshot of a present moment – something that has taken place and is precious, but fleeting. The Japanese were and are masters of capturing these kinds of moments.

All it takes are three lines and a subject to talk about. Most modern haiku poets do not adhere to the 5-75 syllable rule. Their main concern is to capture the spirit of the subject the haiku way. And this means using present tense descriptions. The beauty of the haiku poem is that it really captures the present moment better than any form of poetry! And when it comes to love poems, what could be better than a present moment preserved forever with just a few words.

With economy and elegance, haiku take you to the scene.

Usually, haiku are about nature. The term senryu is used to describe a poem like haiku where the subject is the human realm. Both are similar in form and structure.

About the Author: Edward Weiss is a poet, author, and publisher of Wisteria Press. He has been helping students learn how to write haiku for many years and has just released his first book “Seashore Haiku!” Visit us now at

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Unanswered Questions For Marketing Success?

Submitted by: Adsonwheels Team

If you re involved in marketing, then you know it s always important to think outside of the box. Whether you re launching a new marketing campaign or freshening up an old one, you can t catch the attention of your target audience by sticking with the norm. We re bombarded with ads, mailings, billboards, emails and more, every day, so we re almost numb to advertisements. Therefore, advertisers have their work cut out for them. Shock and awe, intrigue and inform, those are the terms you want to consider when you re brainstorming your next marketing campaign.

If you choose fleet graphics and mobile billboards as your method of advertising, you re already guaranteed to shock and awe your audience! Not all fleet graphics are bright colors or massive graphics, but most of them are, and we know, as consumers ourselves, that those are typically the ones that catch our attention. However, there are ways to play with mobile billboards to enhance their performance beyond the typical success.

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One traditional but clever marketing tool is to ask a question. If the question intrigues your audience, you ve successfully grabbed their attention. If your fleet graphics don t provide them with the answer, you ve left them with a cliffhanger. We re all familiar with the annoying, suspenseful feeling we re left with after the season finale of our favorite TV show ends with a cliffhanger, so utilize that in your marketing campaign!

A natural home cleaning product company s mobile billboard or fleet graphic could ask Is your dish detergent causing those headaches? If your target audience can relate to that question but is typically uninformed, your mobile billboard s question could haunt their thoughts for days! And what do we all do when we need an answer to a question that s been plaguing our thoughts? We Google it! Now, you want to make sure they search for the answer on your website, rather than Googling it and finding the answer on a competitor s website, so on your mobile billboard and fleet graphics, DON T FORGET to include your website URL and business name in large, noticeable writing.

A car dealership s mobile billboard could ask Did you get the best deal? When shopping for vehicles, we all know how easy it is to get ripped off, and many of us spend months researching vehicles, consumer reports, carfax reports, and so on before investing in a vehicle to make sure we get the best car for the best possible deal, and therefore, drive off with no regrets. However, many of us don t take as much time to research the vehicle of our choice as much as we d like to, or we wonder if we negotiated the best possible price. There s nothing worse than learning you were ripped off, so presenting your target audience with that haunting question will absolutely get their attention!

Think like your target consumer, but think outside of the box and ask marketing questions that will force your audience to visit your website for the answer.

About the Author: Ads On Wheels is one such company involved with digital printing and graphics printing installation. They provide fully customizable Fleet Graphics installation for any type of business.


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