Come Across Your Genuine Match Via Ice Cream?

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Will your chocolate actually locate enjoy with a strawberry? Here’s the scoop.

A 20-yr research has identified that selected personalities favor certain ice cream flavors about other individuals. Consequently, a single of the greatest locations to meet your ideal match might be the ice cream shop. Here’s what your favorite flavors necessarily mean, and your perfect match to them.


You’re expressive and colorful and can often be impulsive. you set superior ambitions and are idealistic. You like to take dangers but have higher expectations. You’re dependent, open-minded and gregarious. You’re a private man or woman and stay a hectic lifestyle. You’re most at ease in a close romantic relationship.

Very best Match: Rocky Road or an additional Vanilla

Double Chocolate Chunk

You’re an intuitive extrovert who chooses hunches about logic. You’re quite masculine or feminine, theatrical and creative. you like to be the center of focus and can be fairly dramatic. You’re also charming, lively, enthusiastic and flirtatious. You get bored by program and like novelty. You’re effectively-dressed, around-trusting and a follower who enjoys near relationships.

Ideal Match: Butter Pecan or Chocolate Chip

Strawberries and Cream

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You’re and introvert who handles tension poorly and has low self-esteem. You sometimes experience inadequate and can turn out to be overcome, cranky and irritable.

Greatest Match: Chocolate Chip

Banana Cream Pie

You’re properly adjusted, easygoing and empathetic. You make the best mum or dad and partner.

Finest Match: Vanilla, Double Chocolate Chunk, Strawberries and Cream, Chocolate Chip, Butter Pecan or yet another Banana Cream Pie

Chocolate Chip

You’re an ambitious, generous, aggressive, a visionary and a go-getter. You’re an completed conqueror who doesn’t like defeat. You’re charming and competent and like becoming catered to.

Ideal Match: Butter Pecan or Double Chocolate Chunk

Butter Pecan

You’re a perfectionist who follows the guidelines and does not waste time or procrastinate. You’re quite detail-oriented and a take-charge variety of man or woman with substantial specifications. You’re conservative, intelligent, principled and moral. You can be aggressive but are quick to judge by yourself. You’re sexually reserved and can have difficulties expressing your emotions.

Finest Match: Mint Chocolate Chip


You take pleasure in getting component of a group and you’re satisfied to be a follower. You’re compatible with numerous other personalities.

Greatest Match: Rocky Street, Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip or one more Strawberry


You’re seductive, dramatic, lively and flirtatious. You dwell your existence as if your caffeinated. You throw on your own headfirst into every thing you do and like to live in the minute.

Very best Match: Strawberry

Mint Chocolate Chip

You’re a bit cynical. You’re frugal, ambitious, opposite and argumentative. You’re cautious about the long run.

Very best Match: Other Mint Chocolate Chips

Rocky Street

You’re charming in social conditions, but are quite driven by your profession. You often lose your temper more than tiny inconveniences, and dislike to wait in line.

Best Match: Other Rocky Roads

Pondering where plain ol’ chocolate is? Turns out that chocolate is so interesting to so many folks that it suits to several diverse personalities to be incorporated right here.

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