Different Wine Varieties Produced By Margaret River Wineries

Different Wine Varieties Produced By Margaret River Wineries


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Australians really like wine, and it is one of the largest wine exporters worldwide. Margaret River wineries, located south of the country, produce some of the best wine types popular among wine aficionados.

Surrounded by waters, the Margaret River region is gifted with soil and climatic conditions great for wine making. It has an average annual rainfall of 1130 mm and gets 300 days of ample sunshine every year. This means a nearly constant year-round climate, making it possible to cultivate great grape types. This makes Margaret River wine-makers among the major suppliers of high-quality wine in the Land Down Under.

Margaret River wineries were established 50 years ago. That was when Australian wine-makers found out about the potential of the place for grape cultivation. They discovered its deeply gravelly loam soil could supply the important nourishing substances to let grape vines to grow and bear fruits during certain months. Grape agriculture became as a business to a lot of local families. Up to now, you\’ll find many family-owned vineyards and wineries in many areas of this 5000-hectare region.

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Nowadays there are over 200 grape growers and wine producers in the area. They generate red and white types. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Shiraz are some of the most produced types. They also generate Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc Semillon. These wine-makers produce 3% of Australia\’s overall wine production. This specific figure comprises 1/5 of the entire market of high quality wine.

The utilization of French oak barrels is one of the secrets in making great-tasting wine from Margaret River. Makers say such type of barrel improves the flavour of the wine.

Margaret river wineries also promote tourism in the area. A lot of tourists, local and foreign, check out the area to observe where their favourite bottles of wine originate from. A large number of wineries allow people to taste their products straight from the kegs. Due to this booming tourism, you\’ll find wineries with eating places, cafes, and even boutiques.

There are also field tours for tourists to view the yards in which they raise grapes. The months of February to May are the best periods to visit. It\’s the time when farmers harvest the grapes to begin processing them into excellent wine. Several vineyards sometimes permit tourists to help in picking the fruits.

The good thing is you don\’t have to drive to the area only to enjoy its premium wines and grapes. You can now taste the best of Margaret River wines by ordering a bottle online. Many web stores sell an assortment of wines for your convenience. You can see web based sellers, whether you want a bottle of Chardonnay or perhaps several cases of Semillon.

Purchasing wine on the net gives you a variety of options and saves you from going from store to store searching your preferred wine. All you should do is choose a reputable wine supplier online, place an order, and wait until they deliver your bottles right to your home. You can now have the best of Margaret River wineries in the conveniences in your house. Start seeking your supplier today so you\’re able to enjoy your wine soon.

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