Ebay Auction Search Secrets: Get An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition With These Secrets

Submitted by: Brad Traynham

It is not easy making a living on eBay. It requires you to sell almost all of the items you list on eBay. The easiest way to do this is get more quality traffic to your auctions. The more traffic to your auction, the more bids you will get for the items you list, thus the higher the average selling price for the items. In order to make more money you must focus on getting more people to view and bid on your auction listings.

Is there an easy way to do this? Yes there is. There are several ways you can do this. You have two main ways people find items on eBay. The first is eBay’s built in search, and the second is the use of external Ads you place outside of the eBay marketplace telling people about your auctions.

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When using eBay’s search it requires you to think about exactly what other people are going to be typing in while trying to find your products. I highly suggested that you do not use acronyms in your auction titles. Some examples of what not to use: B&M (Brick and Mortar) BIN (Buy It Now) CS (Customer Service) FB (Feedback) FS (For Sale) FSoT (For Sale Or Trade) FT (For Trade) FVF (Final Value Fee) HTF (Hard To Find) ISO (In Search Of) MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) MIB (Mint In Box) MIM (Make It Mine) NIB (New In Box) NOS (New Old Stock) NR (Not Reserve) NWOT (New Without Tag) NWT (New With Tag) OOP (Out Of Print) OP (Original Post). These have no search value because no one searches for theses obscure terms. You have a limited space in the title in which to put your most common key words for the product your are trying to sell. You have plenty of space in the actual listing to type out everything about the product without using auction lingo. Many people new to auctions have no idea what these acronyms mean and it can be confusing to them.

When you use outside of the eBay marketplace marketing you can place a link to your eBay auctions in your favorite forum, blog, myspace, facebook, your website, or inside emails. This has been an issue for most sellers until now, because your links to your auctions die shortly after the auction is over. But there is a new hope. It is a new free service called http://MyBayAds.com which allows you to place these ads almost anywhere, and the ads automatically update themselves to your most current auctions.

By optimizing both the search and off site linking you will gain a huge advantage over your eBay competitors. From the shear amount of extra traffic you will be receiving. The more off site ads you place the more the people will view your auctions. The more views you get the more bids your auctions will have. The more bids you get the more your auctions will go for. It s an easy way to start to dominate your nitch.

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