How To Distinguish Real Titanium Frames From Fake Ones

How to Distinguish Real Titanium Frames from Fake Ones



Among the optical frames, the titanium is supposed to be similar to platinum of having good corrosion resistance and great mechanical properties. Its lightweight, flexibleness and corrosion-resistance are better used in making glasses frames. However, the production of titanium and titanium alloy eyeglasses costs more, for there is high demand of buckling, punching, cutting and welding. Especially it is difficult for welding and electroplating, what s more, welding must be done in a vacuum. So it is no wonder they are expensive, and only used for medium top grade frames. Here are some simple ways to identify titanium frames.

titanium eyeglassestitanium eyeglasses

1 Hand the weight. Normally the proportion of alloy frame is about 8.9g/cm3, while the proportion of pure titanium frame is about 4.5g/cm3.Due to the weight of titanium frame is equivalent to half of the alloy frame s, it is lighter in hand. This is the easiest way to distinguish titanium frames from non- titanium frames.

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2 Observe the wiped joint of crutches under the glasses. The welding of pure titanium happens in a vacuum as butt-welding, so it seems like a \”step\” here, on the other hand, alloy welding is supposed to be RSW(resistance spot welding ),which seems like a \”slope \”.This is the most effective way to distinguish titanium frames from non- titanium frames.

3 Observe whether there is a gasket in the hinge joint. The hinge parts shouldn t be connected by titanium, in case of wrinkling of the junction, or the abnormal conditions of glasses legs to open or close. Usually the hinge parts of the pure titanium frame mounted two thin gaskets to separate the upper and lower parts. Therefore, this is also a good way.

4 Examine the magnetic induction. Try to loosen the frame hinge, use a magnet to attract the glasses legs in the Free State. If the legs of the glasses shake by the magnet, it proves not to be a pure titanium frame, and vice versa makes it a real one.

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