List Of Uk Van Tax Bands

List of UK Van Tax Bands


Vincent A Rogers

Van tax in the UK isn t as simple as buying one standard disc annually for all vehicles. There are various bands, covering every single van on the road. Therefore it is imperative that you purchase the correct the correct tax for your particular model.

The good news is that van tax and the banding therein is much simpler than that employed for cars. Rather than having 13 different categories, with each defined by the level of emissions produced, vans are grouped into basic ages and, for those older than 10 years or older, engine size or Euro classification.

So for instance, if your vehicle was first registered before March 2001, and has a 1550cc engine, you d have to pay a higher rate of tax currently set at 210. Alternatively, if it features a smaller engine, you could save a significant amount of money; in fact any with an engine of 1549cc or below will only actually set you back 130 for a full 12 months.

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Now it gets a little complicated. If your van is less than 10 years old, you next need to establish whether is a Euro 4 or Euro 5 rating. This is a relatively new European directive which effectively groups vehicles based on their emissions.

The level of taxation though isn t quite as clear cut as to incorporate every vehicle made in the last decade neatly. If your van was registered between March 1st 2003 and December 21st 2006 and is Euro 4 rated, you will pay only 130 for your tax. The same price is also applied to Euro 5 vehicles registered between now and January 1st 2009. All other vehicles from the last 10 years fall into a general category, which currently cost drivers 210.

Therefore in order to secure the correct van tax it is imperative that you understand when your vehicle was first registered and the emission levels it produces. In the UK the DVLA have the details for all vehicles currently on the road, therefore you will always automatically be sent a reminder beforehand and be informed of the amount that you need to pay. As such, it isn t strictly necessary for you to be fully aware of all details. However, this will certainly come in useful if you re looking to budget for the forthcoming year.

It is also important to remember that van tax isn t set in stone. If you buy it annually, there is no guarantee that the price or banding will be the same in 12 months time. This is perfectly highlighted by the changeable car market, which has introduced a stricter emissions-based taxation level. Therefore those vehicles that produce more CO2 will be suitably punished with increased charges. As previously mentioned, there are 13 individual bands, which are ordered alphabetically between A and M. As such, a small change in emissions from your vehicle could have a considerable effect on what you pay.

The Government, along with the DVLA set the van tax levels in the UK and as such can review it to ensure that that amount people are paying is fair and proportionate. Current charges mean that drivers will pay either 130 or 210, which makes it a little more straightforward. It s impossible to predict if and when any significant changes may be made; however, all figures within this article are accurate for vehicles buying tax after April 2011.

So whether your van was first registered more than 10 years ago, or more recently, to calculate your tax band you need to know your emissions or Euro rating. Generally it s a pretty straightforward system, certainly when compared to car tax.

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List of UK Van Tax Bands

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