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Metal shelving offers a number of benefits over commercial shelving made from other materials. Over long periods of time, wooden shelves can be subject to moisture rot and mold in extremely humid climates. Plastic has nowhere near the weight capacitance of metal or wood. Metal itself varies in weight and can be anything from lightweight aluminum to heavy-duty industrial steel. Metal shelves feature superior impact resistance to normal wear and tear, and many are even designed specifically to withstand accidental impacts from forklifts and other material moving devices. Metal shelving units can also be one of the longest lasting materials in your inventory if manufactured with the right powder coat finishes that block out the oxidizing effects of the air.

Closed metal shelving offers the security and stability of cabinetry and can even be folded together like a book. Companies provide virtually every form of industrial shelving in all metal builds. These shelves can be custom ordered new or requisitioned in good, used condition. Two major advantages that Easy Rack offers to industrial clients is a nationwide distributor network able to drop ship any used or new piece of equipment directly to a warehouse or manufacturing facility. This shipping process includes the dispatching of professional installers on site whose special skills not only setup metal shelving systems safely, but also configure those systems to make maximum use of horizontal and vertical storage space.

Open metal shelving allows you to access materials from the side as well as from the front.The following summaries represent some of the key features and benefits are many forms of industrial metal shelving delivers to industrial clients throughout the United States.

Industrial-Steel-Shelving Units

Industrial steel shelving is another term commonly used for open-ended Widespan, or Longspan industrial shelving. Longspan design creates efficient, compartmentalized storage space out of floor space adjacent to any wall.

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Longspan units are available in sizes of up to 24-gauge and provide excellent, reliable storage platforms for large pieces of equipment, motor parts, or construction materials. They are also very good for chemical storage because they have been especially designed for corrosion resistance.

Steel Warehouse Shelving

There are two primary categories of steel warehouse shelving: open and closed. Closed metal shelving offers the security and stability of cabinetry and can even be folded together like a book. Of course, these units are far better than cabinets or bookcases because their steel construction allows even the smallest units to easily support 450lbs of materials.

Open metal shelving allows you to access materials from the side as well as from the front. These shelves are normally taller than wide and can serve as excellent tools for converting unused vertical space into storage area.

Rivet Shelving Units

Rivet shelving is the least expensive of our metal shelf categories, and it is ideal for companies on tight budgets. Rivet shelves allow you to access material from all sides and do not use braces that could obstruct storage access.

Mezzanine Shelving & Decking Systems

Mezzanine shelving systems can literally create floor space out of air space and increase storage area up to 150 percent. This type of metal shelving should be strongly considered if you are facing an upcoming move. Often mezzanines can create so much extra room they eliminate the need to spend money on relocation.

Pallet Rack Shelving

Almost all materials are shipped on pallets of some kind. As such, metal pallet rack shelves are standards in almost all modern warehouses and an absolute must for warehouses adjacent to a factory. They enable organizations to streamline process flow by keeping materials securely stored on pallets from the time of delivery all the way up till they are used in the manufacturing process.

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