Mini Hookah Review}

Mini Hookah Review


Tim Lodden

A Mini Hookah May Well Be The Right Choice For You

A mini hookah can be a very good choice of hookah pipe as your secondary pipe, or even your main one. Lets have a look at what a mini hookah can offer you.

Portability Of A Mini Hookah

When you buy a mini hookah then this of course is going to be the biggest plus.

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If you’ve had any experience transporting a large hookah then you’ll know how tricky it can be. And potentially damaging to your pipe!

With a mini hookah it’s simply a case of popping it in its bag or carrying case and you are good to go. Very easy.

The Modern Design Of Mini Hookah

Truly. The design of mini hookahs is an advantage that doesn’t at first come to mind. But some of them are simply gorgeous.

There are lots of different styles you could go for, from classic to Egyptian to exotic. But if I were you I would have a good hard look at modern mini hookahs. Modern mini hookah are future design classics that look good anywhere.

Mini Hookahs Give A Great Smoke

Gone are the days when mini hookahs gave harsh hot smoke. Such are the design innovations that mini hookahs smoke just as well as their larger brothers.

If you choose correctly then even the smallest hookah smoke like a 3 footer!

Adaptability Of Mini Hookah

Is very impressive. Nowadays you are not restricted to a one hose when you buy a mini hookah. A good quality mini hookah will smoke just as well with two, three or even four hoses.

So even a mini hookah is still a viable option at parties or when friends are over.

Cost Of Mini Hookahs

Because mini hookahs are smaller the mini hookah price is correspondingly lower. This means you can pick up a mini hookah and all the accessories necessary for much less than you would a normal pipe.

So very affordable.

Mini Hookah Round Up

There are a number of advantages to buying a mini hookah

which have been outlined above. If you want something economical, portable and with a lot of style then it seems that a mini hookah might well be for you.

If however you are interested in something bigger maybe you should consider looking at Best Hookah Review

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Mini Hookah Review


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