Problems With Sleep? The Benefits Of Melatonin

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Melatonin – what does it do?

Melatonin is really a naturally occurring hormone which is used by the body to regulate sleep. Light and darkness cause your body to generate more melatonin or less melatonin, so that in the evening your body generates even more as it reacts to darkness. It can induce drowsiness and a feeling of needing to go to sleep. Nevertheless, there are some people who have sleeping problems whose bodies don’t produce adequate melatonin to enable them to fall asleep. Such people may find that supplements for sleep can bring positive benefits. Some people who suffer from sleep difficulties have discovered that taking melatonin supplements has enabled them to get to sleep easier. The supplement increases the level of melatonin in the body, hence helping the natural sleep process. You should not consider it as being just like a sleeping tablet, but rather as a sleep support. It is additionally an effective anti-oxidant and it is therefore very useful for overall health and may be helpful in the prevention of cancers and other problems related to aging.

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Melatonin – what are the risks?

National food and drug agencies in a number of countries at present classify melatonin as a dietary supplement instead of a medicine, although some have not evaluated its use or it’s safety. It’s been found to be relatively safe as long as it is used according to the advised dosage etc. While operating mechanical equipment or driving a car, melatonin shouldn’t be taken before hand. If a lady is expecting a baby, it could also be unwise to take melatonin. If contemplating giving to a child, always check with a pharmacist or doctor and read the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s necessary to understand that melatonin isn’t a sleeping tablet, but rather an aid to sleep that can help boost the human body’s natural processes. It is always vital that you eat sensibly and exercise and do all the generally suggested things you need to do to go to sleep. For people who don’t have difficulties creating melatonin naturally, supplementation is unlikely to be of any positive benefit, but for those who do, it could provide significant results. Equally it will not be a great help to people who follow an unhealthy life-style that works against natural sleep patterns.

Some personal experiences

As a family we have had some positive experiences with melatonin supplements over the past few years. Our son has always had problems getting to sleep even since he was a baby. When he was 5 years old, we discovered he had a learning disability, which began to make sense of his poor sleeping patterns. A doctor we were in touch with at that time had mentioned melatonin supplements to us, as there had been research that had shown that some children with learning difficulties had a problem with producing melatonin naturally. So we took the plunge and have the melatonin supplements a try. It made a huge difference. And even now, if we run out of tablets, our son reverts back to his old pattern of not being able to get to sleep at night. Overall it hasn t been a miracle cure, but it has improved our son s quality of life significantly.

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