R4 Nintendo Ds An Amazing Product Of R4 Team

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R4 Nintendo ds An amazing product of r4 team


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R4 Nintendo ds are most present top of the line in slot 1 flash card for Nintendo ds. It is an amazing device produced by the r4 team with the same size as an original ds cart, provides complete solutions to the worldwide users without need of purchase any extra components. It s no more to deal with any messy software. It s really the easier and most powerful gaming accessory people preferred to use now a day and good to have the device with the ds owner. The major functions of r4 Nintendo ds includes, support to obtain files and copy files where users can run applications like, game, movies, mp3 etc.

The r4 Nintendo ds allow handling all kind of digital entertainment. Using the r4 Nintendo ds, users can enjoy movies, pictures, music, e-books and software because the r4 is slot 1 flash card device has no more need of pass card and its easy with the device to plug and play. The card is available with the high storage capacity and has reasonable cost so any one can easily go for purchase.

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The features r4 Nintendo ds offers, it has real English version, it guaranteed and genuine device consists of flush fitting slot 1 card like same size as original ds game cartridge. The r4 Nintendo ds card uses micro SD for storage. R4 Nintendo ds provide support for any micro SD card without any hold in the application. The device simple in use and offers drag and drop media files to the micro SD cards on the ds system. It s good to see that they run applications without any break or slow down the speed. It support action replay cheat. Users can watch movies, listen music, read text files on the ds system using moon shell.

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