The #1 Way To Lose Cellulite

By Emily Taggart

There are a lot of ways people will tell you to lose cellulite. There are creams that are sold that promise you they will get rid of cellulite. You can go to an expensive spa for body wraps, which the spa employees will swear to you will melt the cellulite away. There are even machines you can purchase that massage the skin, supposedly causing the cellulite deposits to break up and be flushed away. But although any of these treatments can have some effect on cellulite loss, the number one way to lose cellulite is pretty simple: regular exercise and a good diet.

Cellulite is the bumpy, dimpled look to the skin that many women develop after giving birth and as they age. It is caused by the weakening of fat cells beneath the skin. As these fat cells weaken, they begin to sag, causing that dimpled look that often appears around the thighs and buttocks. If the fat cells stay strong or are reduced, the chances of developing cellulite are greatly reduced as well.

The first thing to do to lose cellulite is thus to reduce your fat intake and to burn off existing fat. Regular exercise of several different kinds is the best way to burn fat. You’ll want to start a weight-training program to replace fat cells with muscle cells, and a cardiovascular exercise program to burn off extra calories and heighten your metabolism. Of course, a good, low-calorie diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is key as well.

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Although any kind of exercise or movement will help you burn fat and lose cellulite, certain kinds of exercise can increase your ability to fight cellulite. Exercises that stimulate the organs and tissues while increasing heart and respiration rates are especially good for losing cellulite.

Rebounding has become increasingly popular among those looking to lose weight and cellulite. The reason rebounding works so well for this is that the jumping motions made on a rebounder not only increase heart rate but also stimulate the entire body in the process. Organs responsible for flushing the body of fat and toxins are stimulated by jumping on a rebounder, thus keeping them running at optimal levels. The circulatory system is also stimulated, bringing fresh blood to the muscles, brain, and body tissues.

A well-made rebounding machine such as the Needak rebounder lets gravity stimulate the body while absorbing the stress on your bones, joints, and muscles. The springs used in a Needak rebounder cushion the shock of exercise, preventing muscle fatigue and injury. It is important that if you do add rebounding to your daily workout routine to make sure you invest in a good quality one.

Of course, stimulating the skin and the cells beneath it is also important to reducing cellulite. This not only helps to flush cellulite-causing fat cells from the body, but can actually strengthen existing fat-cell structure, keeping cells strong and preventing the sagging that causes cellulite. An exercise routine that invigorates the skin, such as rebounding, is an excellent and effective tool in the battle against cellulite.

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