Working Holiday Visa And Certificate Of Eligibility Japan

Working Holiday Visa and Certificate of Eligibility Japan


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Working holiday visa is a travel permit which allows travelers to enter Japan for a long-term holiday and undertake employment on a casual or temporary basis to supplement travel funds. Most working holiday visa are offered under reciprocal agreements between certain countries to encourage travel and cultural exchange. Each country issue a working holiday visa once in your life time, so make the most of your time and enjoy.

Japan has a mutual working holiday agreements with these countries

Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan and United Kingdom

You must have following requirements in order to acquire working holiday visa Japan

Young traveler between the ages of 18 to 35 years

Your main intention is to travel

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You must prove that you can support yourself during the initial stay

You must be single or married and not accompanied by children or spouse

Must have a valid passport and a return ticket or enough funds with which you can purchase a ticket

Have a good health have no criminal records

Must not been issued with the same visa again

You must intend to leave Japan at the end of the stay

The certificate of eligibility is issued to applicants who wish to work, study, or live in Japan. It is issued by the ministry of justice in Japan and is valid for three months from the date of issue and within validity a visa should be obtained and landing Japan should be done. The certificate of eligibility status of residence is often applied for purposes such as want to invite a worker in overseas to Japan and employ him or her, you want to invite your spouse and live together and invite your children to Japan and live together. The applicant must be made by a sponsor in Japan. It cannot be made by the applicant himself.

Once you receive the certificate of eligibility, you should bring in the following

Valid passport

Visa application form, completed and signed

Original certificate of eligibility

One passport-sized photograph taken within six months

One photocopy of certificate of eligibility

If you have applied for a certificate of eligibility and you are already in Japan on a temporary visit status of residence, when the certificate is issued you may be able to change your temporary visitor status of residence to the status of residence approved in the certificate of eligibility while still in Japan, without the need to apply for and receive a visa at a Japanese diplomatic mission outside Japan.

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